Spatial Data Integrator (SDI) is an ETL tool with geospatial capabilities. Based on Talend Open Studio, Talend's generic ETL solution, it includes specific geospatial components, all developed by Camptocamp.

Like standard TOS components, there are basically three sorts of Geo components: input, output, and transform. Input and output components read features from, and write features, to datastores, respectively. Transform components read features from their input flows, may transform those features, and then write features to their output flows. The term transform is to be taken loosely here as it represents any sort of operation.
Note that this application and its source code are provided under the GPL v2 Open Source license agreement terms. For further information about this license agreement, go to http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html.

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new version  Version 3.2.0 Spatial Data Integrator (Based on Talend Open Studio 3.2.0)
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Archive Format: zip  SDI-Win32-V3.2.0  3.2.0  2009-10-26 English Supported Operating system : Windows 32 Supported Operating system : Linux x86  Windows / Linux

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